Headbone connects to the headphones
Headphones connect to the iPhone
iPhone connected to the internet
Connected to the Google
Connected to the government

— The Message M.I.A.


Marina Abramović and Ulay.

Aaa Aaa (1978)

During their first years, they performed together a work based on Freeing the voice, facing each other and screaming. However, in AAAA-AAAA (1978) the dynamic is very different. First they start in a calm manner, as if they were saying out loud a prayer, with synchronized voices and breaths; then, as they start to increase the intensity of their screams, the two performers express a competitive mood, trying to outdo each other in tone and persistence. They open their mouths wide open, like two animals that try to scare each other away. In the end, Ulay gives up, leaving Abramović alone before her voice wears out.

I was the caller so you answered the call
I was just restless
Like anxious and all
I want to feel you
I mean the real you
I’m under your skin
Like I want to be you

(Source: seethroughperson, via cadmium-azide)

Paradise Memories // Poas Volcano in Costa Rica

May 2014

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